Branding is integral part to customer and market recognition; it’s how you project yourself to the world. Working with product based companies and dealing primarily with B2B sales it has been critically important to carve out our names in the niche markets we serve.

Too be honest it is often a hazardous landscape, there is always a fight to maintain Brand standards and keep consistency within your organization but with determination it is possible and absolutely necessary. Branding ties directly into all Digital Marketing efforts so it is key to get it right.

I currently manage the Stealth, Aydin Displays and Sparton brands.
I have been involved and had a direct hand with Stealth’s branding dating back 15 years and have seen its evolution from originally “Stealth Computer Corporation” to, to simply “Stealth” and have managed the difficulties in transitioning the Brand from a private company to a publicly traded company.

Working with the original creator of the logo (which dates back to 1990) I helped the modernization effort to re-brand with the newly acquired domain back in 2009. Since then we have had further branding adjustments and the launch of a new logo in 2020.
Aydin Displays
Working with the Aydin Displays brand has been challenging, after years of neglect there was much customer confusion, inconsistencies and a lack of clarity as to the image projected for the Brand. Since working with the Aydin Displays brand I have managed to address and vastly improve most of these issues both with online and offline marketing material.

Some examples, a new brand guideline and style guide was developed, multiple versions of the logo eliminated, the look and feel of marketing material now has greater consistency and works in tandem with Stealth and Sparton’s branding as well.
Sparton Corporation has a long history, founded in 1900 the company it was one of the oldest companies still listed on the Dow Index until its sale to Cerberus Capital Management in 2018. Sparton has had many incarnations over the decades, making all sorts of products from TVs, Vinyl Records and other consumer electronics. In recent decades it has become primarily known as a U.S. defense contractor specializing in Undersea Warfare Solutions.

Managing a brand with its extensive history and often secrecy due to it’s defense related products it is often a challenge. Out of the three brands Sparton is the most conservative and sensitive to change. That said there has been many efforts and initiatives to modernize Sparton’s branding with refreshes to the logo, styling guide and web/social media inclusion.
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