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Newsletters & Email Marketing
Newsletters and Email marketing is an ever evolving landscape. The old ways of creating an email and sending to as many people as possible are gone in this age of low attention spans and increased privacy concerns.

The approach I take with Email Marketing and Newsletters is to focus on making sure the customer/subscriber is getting the most relevant content as possible. This is achieved through email list segmentation and a push toward more targeted email campaigns. In turn this has led to better response rates, a more engaged customer and ultimately more potential leads coming your way.

With Stealth, Aydin Displays and Sparton I have also introduced automation to the process, standardized email templates and advanced stats/analytics to the entire process.
Press Releases
Working for Stealth and Sparton I have written many press releases over the years, both product and company focused.

Writing formal press releases is often difficult, they need to be well written and compelling while at the same time you are constantly fighting a battle of formality and struggling to make them as interesting and informative as possible.

Unlike informal newsletters press releases often requires feedback from a cross section of teams such as sales, engineering and corporate and before a final version is agreed upon. When finalized I have distributed our releases on various wire services and also to internal contact lists. If done right you can get a good traffic boost from news websites, trade magazines/websites and even social media pick-up. Press releases are often a long term play and a Brand building exercise that pays off as time goes on.
Social Media
Using automation tools like Hootsuite it has become easier to manage multiple brand social media channels and schedule postings in advance. Using social media in a B2B environment compared to the consumer market requires different strategies and approaches to reach the right audiences.

With Stealth, Aydin Displays and Sparton the social media strategy was given more urgency in the past year in effort to broaden our customer and audience reach and to help establish great brand awareness.
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Press Releases
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